The Last Sacred Place of Poetry

- Grolier Poetry Book Shop 

A documentary of a one room poetry bookshop, which has been in existence over 90 years. It is a legendary literary place that the world must encounter.

   Film Festivals, including:

  • Barcelona Planet Film Festival.                (Barcelona 09/2017)        
  • Los Angeles CineFest (Semi-Finalist)      (Los Angeles 10/2017) 
  • Red Corner film Festival.                            ( New York 10/2017)
  • Largo Film Awards.                                     (Switzerland 11/2017)
  • AltFF Alternative Film Festival.                 (Toronto 11/2017)
  • Kill Jim international film festival.            (Italy 11/2017)
  • World Premiere Film Awards.                    (Canada 01/ 2018)
  • North Beach American Film Festival.       (Maryland 06/2018)
  • The Massachusetts Independent Film Festival ( MA 07/2018) 
  • Inshort Film Festival 2019                         (Nigeria 12/2018)
  • The Lift-Off Sessions                                 (UK 04/2019)
  • First-Time Filmmaker Sessions               (UK 05/2019)

About the Documentary

This documentary unpacks the Grolier’s rich history and current transformation. We hear characters read and talk about poetry, and share their experiences at the Grolier. We get a sense of what it feels like to be an audience in the bookshop. We experience writers speak passionately about their craft, the poetry community and the central role the Grolier has played. We see the enthusiasm of the shop owners while also sensing the looming financial pressure the Grolier is facing. Out of 25 book stores at Harvard Square in the 1990s, only 5 are left – and the Grolier is one of them. But for how long?


Producer/ Director: Weiying Olivia Huang
Co-Producer/ Editor: Mengyuan Lin
Mengyuan Lin

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